Year 7 Activity Camp (June)
Year 8 Cultural Residential Trip (Spring Half term holiday)
Year 9 World War One Battlefields (June)
Year 10 Modern Language immersion experience (October)
Year 11
Sixth Form

Global Challenge

European Enrichment Visit

Geography/Biology Field Study

All years

Awe and wonder event (Easter Holiday)

Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme Bronze and Silver (Year 9-13)

Adventurous Activity event (Spring half term time)

Sports and music tours (holiday time)


Year 7

Theatre Trip

Historical visit

Year 8

Theatre Trip

Geography Field Trip

Year 9

London Cultural Day

Future Scholars Award (may include 1 night residential)

Careers and Skills Show

Year 10

Course related field study and visits

Year 11 Course related field study and visits
Sixth Form

University visits

UK cultural day excursions

All years

Rewards Trip

Fixtures, Competitions and cultural visits

Careers related visits