Our Head Students

A Current Student's Perspective: Oliver Heritage 

 I am studying Government and Politics; Sociology; and Religion, Philosophy and Ethics in my second year at Thomas Gainsborough Sixth Form. For me, the most valuable part about the sixth form is how approachable and supportive the teachers are. Due to my disabilities, I sometimes miss extended periods of school and the support I continue to receive allows me to catch up on missed work and to stay on track.

The size of the sixth form, generally speaking, means the lessons have a smaller class size. From my experience, this creates a better atmosphere for learning as each lesson feels more personalised when compared to lessons in a larger class. I also believe this allows the teacher to better understand the needs of each student, allowing for great tailored support which has been immensely beneficial to myself.

In addition to this, the sixth form offers a wide array of extracurricular activities which offer invaluable life skills and opportunities. For example, I was allowed to volunteer in my local community - this has deepened my appreciation for my community, whilst also allowing me to improve my university application. Throughout my time here at TGS Sixth Form, I have had the pleasure of going on multiple school trips and attending different talks within the school - which has been beneficial in furthering my love for the subjects I currently study on a more casual level. Overall, Thomas Gainsborough Sixth Form has been more than just a stepping stone towards university, it has been a guiding light.  

A Current Student's Perspective: Chloe Bannister

Since I joined Thomas Gainsborough Sixth Form, I have felt like a part of a community. Everyone makes you feel welcome and supports you throughout your studies, which really helped me as a student from another school. Your teachers are more than willing to work along side you to help you achieve the best grades you can, to help you progress towards the path you have chosen after sixth form. To aid this, there is always a variety of opportunities to boost your applications to whatever route you may take post Year 13. This is largely emphasised by the careers department who are always encouraging students to take part in any workshops or work experience that can be written about in your personal statement. The Sixth Form team are always on hand to help with any problems you may have, easing the pressures of studying your A-levels or BTECs. There are many workspaces available, including Café 1727 (which is always popular), where you can complete homework, revision and extra work in peace with other students from your classes. Due to the size of the sixth form, you are offered a more personal style of teaching, in which your teachers can work more closely with the individual students. This sixth form could benefit so many prospective students through the structure and support that is offered.