A Current Student's Perspective: Madalene Howard 


I am currently studying English Literature, Sociology and Geography in my first year at Thomas Gainsborough Sixth Form. Being an internal student meant the transition was comfortable and easy, however even though it is a familiar setting, the atmosphere and way of learning is so much more adaptive and shaped for the needs of the learners and preparation for the future. One of the most valuable things about the sixth form here is the smaller size; it allows for settling into A Levels quicker, a comfortability in knowing people in and out of class, personalised learning, smaller classes and not feeling like you could get lost or fall behind academically or emotionally without some reassuring intervention. In addition to this, the teachers and team at the sixth form are always approachable and willing to make time to help and so supportive throughout every element of schooling, both inside and outside of school which makes the environment accessible and welcoming. There are also a broad range of opportunities which I feel provide invaluable experiences that can help build confidence, key skills and have been expressed to be great for university applications. These could include examples such as a plethora of super curricular sessions such as driving lessons and group therapy, internal mentoring opportunities as well as plenty of trips that I have been lucky to be invited on through the year. Overall, I feel that the personalised experience at TGS effectively and supportingly bridges the gap between lower school as well as leading onto future steps like university through invaluable careers and 1-1 advice on things such as the application process, creating an educational experience that is well and truly sculpted and supported for the individual students.