Our Head Boy and Girl for 2020-2021

Head Girl - Milly Wingate

The role of TGS Sixth Form Head Girl is one that I feel honoured to have. Seeing the school grow and flourish over the past five years has been incredible, and George and I can’t wait to implement some new changes with the best interests of TGS in mind. We are focusing on creating an enthusiastic team, capable of implementing a sustainable sixth form model, enabling students to be actively involved with their school and wider community. 

In the future, I would like to pursue my passion for fashion and textile design. The amazing staff at Thomas Gainsborough Sixth Form are highly supportive of this by ensuring networking opportunities, something that George and I would like to expand by creating links with local businesses. 

A main goal of mine is to improve environmental sustainability within the school and sixth form. Simple measures will be put in place, such as ensuring recycling, regular litter picks and participating in ‘Eco Schools’, part of the Keep Britain Tidy initiative. 

George and I thank you for your support and look forward to implementing these changes. 

Head Boy - George Dunn

As the new Head Boy, I plan to create a focused, dynamic team with Milly to really change how the sixth form is presented and looked upon. By introducing new ideas and concepts tailored to student demands, my main focus is to create a warm, inviting environment, whilst maintaining the academic excellence we pride ourselves on. 

My career goal is to enter the police force and I believe the skills and qualities I gain through being head boy will act as a key platform for supporting this, and to my university applications. Being able to communicate ideas clearly, take responsibilities and to lead a team are all vital qualities that will help me in the world of work.

One of my main passions is sport, and I would like to change the amount of sport in the sixth form and the school as a whole. Creating ties and connections with a number of sporting establishments in Sudbury and the surrounding area will be a major focus.

Milly and I look forward to your support in achieving our goals.

Please watch this short video by Milly and George introducing themselves as Head Boy and Girl, along with the aspirations of this year's committee. 

Our 2020/2021 Sixth Form Committee

Our Current Students' Persepctives

Ben Lowe

I am currently studying Music, Biology and Geography A level at TGS Sixth Form. Having studied for my GCSEs at TGS, I have a great understanding of the school's  values, aspirations and the importance it places on each student’s wellbeing. The school’s main aim remains the same in the sixth form; to maximise all students’ learning opportunities and the journey they take to their achievements, which is what made it easy for me to decide to continue my education at TGS.

Because of my previous experience of the school, it meant I understood how the school operated and luckily for me, this system suits me as a student. Not only does our school offer great and engaging lessons, but there is an extremely well organised support system that goes on behind the scenes. This support system is one of the main reasons I chose TGS over the other sixth forms and colleges in the area.

I found the step up from GCSE to A level was not easy and required a lot of work; however, it is manageable with the right attitude and knowing where to look for support.  At the moment the subject that interests me most is Biology. This is not just because of my passion and interest in the subject or the course work, but because of the staff and the classroom atmosphere. Being part of a small class allows our lesson to be more personal. My other two classes are equally small and like Biology, they both have a personal feel to them.

Katherine Chapman

I am currently in my second year of sixth form studying English Literature, History and Psychology. TGS was always the choice for me. The team are so supportive of both your interests and academics and were really accommodating when it came to choosing my subjects. Due to the smaller size of the sixth form, TGS is much more personal and you really feel treated as an individual within the community, which is why I feel as though I have settled in so easily. I am really enjoying all of my subjects and my teachers have been so brilliant in helping me to achieve my goals.

I love the community I am part of at TGS and not only feel comfortable but also academically challenged. I am confident that I am gaining the support, skills and connections that will go on to help me throughout my life.