Open, honest and timely communication is vital to a successful relationship between school and home.

We start with listening

Speech bubbles

If you have any questions, concerns or just wish to say thank you to a member of staff please do get in touch.

To help us respond to messages promptly please address your emails to the most approporiate member of staff. If you are ever not sure of who to email then please use the main address.

You can find all our contact details at

Our email addresses are first inital, then surname, follwed by

Every student has a personal tutor, who is best point of contact for any general questions or to discuss your child's academic progress. They are also able to direct you to a more appropriate contact if needed.

Each tutor group is also in a house, the Heads of House are

Abbas Mr J Oliver
Chamberlain Mrs E Jukes
Houghton Mrs J Power
Tollemache Mr B Richards
Peyton Mr W Ponsford

If you have questions about your childs Special Educational Needs or Disability (SEND) then please email the SEND team

For questions about competitions and enrichment activities please email Mrs N

For curriculum & subject specific questions please email your child’s teacher, the relevant subject leader or Mr C

If you have any concerns that you or you child(ren) need to share, please contact a member of the safeguarding team, details can be found at

Responses to communication

You should receive a response to your emails within 2 working days. Please remember that some staff work part-time, and therefore may take longer to respond. If you require a quicker response please include the appropriate subject leader, Head of House or Senior Leader. 

Collective views

We also value your honest views on how we are doing across all aspects of care, guidance and support for your child. Please do regularly update your views on the Ofsted Parent View site.

You can update your views during the school year and view overall results from other families.

Visit to record your views

Please remember to also contact with specific concerns using the contacts above so we can respond to you individually as Parent Views anonymous.

Other sources of information and celebration

We regularly share information and celebrate student achievements through:

  • our website
  • scoial media (Twitter, Facebook & Instagram)
  • emails to parents
  • text alerts for absence
  • phone calls from staff (including for positive behaviour)
  • publications such as the Portrait magazine
  • our Careers portal, updated weekly
  • Termly printed Progress Checks

We also provide regular opportunities to meet tutors, teachers and leaders at

  • Family meetings with Year 6s at primary schools each Spring
  • Meet the tutor meetings for new students in July
  • October Academic Review Days
  • Subject Teacher Meetings throughout the year
  • Family Forums each half term
  • Options Evenings for Year 9s and Year 11s

Dates for these activities are available on our website.

We also welcome families to visit and meet face to face wherever posisble.

There is also an app and website, where you can view attendance, behaviour, timetable and assessment information for your child. If you need any support in accessing Go4Schools please contact Mrs K Buckle,