TGS Wellbeing Charter

At Thomas Gainsborough School, we are committed to supporting and celebrating our staff and to promoting staff well-being. We are proud of the culture in our school and the contribution we make to the community and to our Trust. We continuously review our calendar and practices to try and eliminate unnecessary workload and rationalise systems so that they are even more efficient and supportive.

Our culture is underpinned by:

Culture and Ethos
  • A strong moral purpose which underpins our practice and decision-making.

  • An ethos which means that we see beyond the label and every pupil/student has the chance to shine.

  • An understanding that effective communication, consistency, clarity and collaboration are vital to successful teams.

  • A strong equality ethos for all stakeholders.

  • A commitment to listening to staff, including an annual staff survey and calendared meetings with professional associations.

Working Practices
  • Collaborative practices which support planning, development, standardisation and the sharing ideas/best practice.

  • A commitment to support experienced staff and teams to innovate and research, and share their best practice.

  • A commitment to review workload regularly and changes made wherever possible.

  • Centrally accessible planning and resources.

  • A commitment to ethical leadership and working practices.

  • No requirement to produce written lesson plans (outside initial teacher training and where staff are on support plans — in both cases we help colleagues manage this).

Support and Development
  • Line managers and governors who understand that teachers and support staff are our most valuable resource and who support and challenge positively.

  • A commitment to support and develop all staff professionally through the development and implementation of a coaching culture.

  • Structured induction programme and support for new staff.

  • Access to a suite of online CPD for flexible learning and CPD time allocated to individuals, so they can adapt learning to their own needs and aspirations.

  • Access to internal and external leadership programmes.

  • Practical accessibility support when needed.

  • Support for part-time and flexible working (including job-share possibilities) wherever possible.

  • Access to TGS Parental Support Group for colleagues with young children.

  • Supportive and welcoming departments and teams.

  • Sociable colleagues and regular staff get-togethers.

  • Opportunities for staff to engage in sports through the Leisure Centre

  • An emphasis on positive language - be kind!


TGS Staff Wellbeing Group, September 2022

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As a school we have signed up to the DfE Wellbeing Charter as a commitment to protect, promote and enhance the wellbeing of our staff. Our Trust, Unity Schools Partnership, also provides support services, including employee assistance via Lifeworks, details are available at