As a school we appreciate the positive impact of a strategic, active approach to revision and independent study. We have been raising awareness of revision in the sixth form by capturing the students’ revision habits and preferences in a survey, teaching revision techniques through subject intervention and lessons and in assemblies dedicated to independent study skills and managing your mindset.

Active revision means doing more than sitting in a room, alone, re-reading notes. Unfortunately our survey revealed that this is still a very popular form of revision for our students. However, while it does have a place, other forms of revision often help students improve their retention and exam technique far more effectively.

So that you may best support your son or daughter with their exam preparation we wanted you to be aware of some of the strategies that students have been shown in assemblies. Students have been given information on each of the following:-

  • Quizzing - using different question types, e.g. comprehension, cued recall, multiple choice (effective when revising with others)

  • Spacing - planning revision into 30min, focused blocks that focus on particular topics within a subject, alternating subjects and topics

  • Elaboration - improving understanding through: clarifying, analysing, speculating and contextualising

  • Chunking - organising subject content into a more accessible and memorable structure

  • Metacognition - essentially learning how to study e.g. knowing methods for completing exam questions, coping strategies for large amounts of subject knowledge, recall aids, self-evaluation against objectives set by themselves or teachers based on performance

The above does not represent every approach to revision but does represent strategies that are often used by more successful students. They will also have the best impact where a student makes the effort to have a well organised approach to their learning, with good attendance and consistent punctuality. Please encourage your son or daughter to engage with these strategies and seek advice from staff where they are finding a technique ineffective or are otherwise finding revision challenging. Please feel free to contact me or the relevant subject teachers if you need further advice for revision.

The pages below are from the CGP "How to Revise for A-Level -  Study Skills and Planner" :